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frequently asked questions

01. When will my order arrive?

Patterns that were chosen from the website are dispatched within fourteen days. Requests for new patterns take a bit longer. I work freelance so sometimes when I have a lot of freelance work, the requests take some time longer, during that waiting time we keep you up to date and try to make the request as soon as possible




02. Can I order a costume premade?

We are able to make the costume itself, but the prices are a lot higher than most premade cosplays on the internet. You have to pay for the sewing, fabric and time, but also have to purchase your own accessories or armor. We can also make a costume for a character that isn’t on the web shop yet, you can get a discount on the premade costume as long as we have pictures and permission from you to use the pictures and patterns for the web shop.





03. Is it possible to get further explanation or help if I have problems while creating a model?

We offer help and further explanation by email, telephone or Facebook messages. If you find the explanation unclear on the website, you can tell us and we will change it immediately with a better explanation. Feedback is always very welcome.


04.  I accidentally ordered the wrong model / size, can is still exchange/return the pattern?

Yes, if the pattern is not used and undamaged you can return or exchange your pattern. If you want a different size or pattern instead of getting your money back, you have to pay for the shipping cost. If you want to return/exchange a pattern please send an email to Customized patterns can’t be exchanged.

05. When I order do I get a whole costume or just a pattern?

If you order something from our web shop, you will get a pattern printed on thin paper. On the paper is a pattern in one size, you have to cut the patterns and after that you can use them to make the costume. The thin paper we use does not tear as easily as the paper most use for patterns.



06. Can I buy certain patterns separately?

All of our costumes can be bought as separate parts, you’ll find these in the shop under Separate pieces.





07. With shirts I have size 38 and with pants size 40, is it possible to get a pattern with two different sizes?

Yes, that is possible, if you send us an email with your sizes right after you ordered a pattern, we will confirm your sizes with an email back. With dresses or other one piece patterns, we are able to make the pattern with your exact sizes starting at 5 euro’s. If you want this, you also have to email us with all of your sizes in centimeters.

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