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About me

I was trained to be a seamstress. I joined the Dutch clothing store C&A working and training as a future pattern maker. 40 years later I still love to make patterns. I am a freelance clothing pattern maker since 1988.

I was introduced to cosplay by my 3 teenagers. They were interested in cosplay and asked me to make some costumes. I loved figuring out how to make costumes just like they are in their movie/anime/series etc. Friends of my children also requested patterns, so they, or a family member/friend, could make their own costumes on their own sizes.

This gave us the idea to make a web shop of selling patterns for costumes, so that everyone has the chance to make their own costumes with some help.

We are able to adjust the patterns to your own measurements, which means that you can actually get custom-made patterns.

We reside on the David Blesstraat 3 2H 1073 KZ Amsterdam. You can book an appointment or get/give more information by calling the number +31627229947 or send us a message here or on our Facebook page.

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